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Multiple Talents in a Talentless World: Beth from Awash in Talent Interviewed by Her Author with A.J. Culey

Building a Mindreader’s World in Jessica Knauss’s Awash in Talent with Cara McKinnon

When Characters Take Over: Jessica Knauss and Awash in Talent with Andi Adams

Zany Paranormal and Megalomaniacs: Jessica Knauss and Awash in Talent with J. L. Gribble

Sassy or Psychotic? Emily from Awash in Talent Interviewed by Her Author with Jennifer Loring

Author Spotlight and a short interview with Norman Prentiss (scroll down to September 2016)

“Kindle Scout Success” with Kristin Gleeson

“What If The Abolitionist Had Telekinesis?” with Kim Rendfeld

“Author Spotlight” with Teresa Roman

“Jessica Knauss: She’s Awash in Talent” with Linda Sands

Author Interview with Rachelle Paige

“Jessica Knauss—Awash in Talent” with Katherine Hayton

“A Conversation with Jessica Knauss, author of Awash in Talent with Seymour Hamilton

“Jessica Knauss Interview” with Craig A. Hart

“Interview with Author Jessica Knauss” at Today’s Author

“Writers Reach: Jessica Knauss with Awash in Talent at Musings of Orientation with Jennifer Skutelsky

Indie Spotlight with author Ricki Wilson

About the Kindle Scout campaign with The Crazy Mind


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